Bankruptcy – Understanding What It Is

Debt problems arise from several reasons

Many times, bankruptcy is caused by job loss, divorce, illness, a death in the family or a bad economy. Lost or reduced cash flow creates the necessity for you to find other ways to fund living expenses, such as credit cards, payday loans or even writing bad checks. Desperation, fear and frustration occur when you are just trying to survive and pay impossible debt to avoid bankruptcy.  As you can tell, the reasons for creditor problems are many, but the best solution to them is one — protection by the bankruptcy court.

Signs That Bankruptcy May Be the Solution for You

  • You have cash flow problems due to job loss, illness, medical or other family expenses.
  • Your credit cards are at their limit, and you can only make the minimum payments.
  • Creditors are constantly harassing you, or you are being sued.
  • Money fears and anxiety are taking over your life.
  • You are in jeopardy of losing your home to foreclosure or losing your vehicle to repossession.

Here to Serve You

The law offices of John A. McLaughlin Jr., P.C., provide two locations that focus exclusively on bankruptcy law. We help clients overcome their fears of financial problems by educating them and advocating for them in a bankruptcy filing. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff helps you gather the information needed to end your ongoing debt problems with your creditors.

Relief from bankruptcy
Couple who is relieved they found a solution


The most powerful laws in the country for controlling creditors are contained in the federal bankruptcy laws. Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you will find immediate relief from creditors. Moreover, most clients keep all of their assets, including vehicles and residences. We are keenly aware of the fear and stress caused by debt and the methods creditors take to collect bills. Our legal team keeps things simple, speaks in non-legal terms whenever possible, and tells you the single, most important secret that no other attorneys will tell you for a successful case.

Case Building

At the law office of John A. McLaughlin Jr., P.C., we clearly discuss and give you written documentation of what you will need to provide for your case. Once this is received, we will quickly and accurately complete the necessary court paperwork.